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Chroma is a 3D puzzle game with a series of challenging obstacles based on color and movement.

In Chroma, the player is able to attach colors to any of the faces of their cube by first having that face make contact with a colored tile. The player can then move with that color attached to their cube, but if any face with a color touches the floor or wall, it is lost. The player must then pick up the color again. The ultimate goal of any level is for the player to transport every color to its matching receptacle. Once the colors are placed on their receptacles, the level is solved and the player can move forward. The player’s ultimate goal is to defeat the Dark Cube, a being that has come to the cube planet and sucked away most of the color. As the player completes levels, they slowly bring color back to the world.



Student Team Project

May 2012

Project Role

Producer, Programmer

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Download Game
Download Game

Play Chroma. PC Only.

Sprint Plan
Sprint Plan

Outlines the game’s early development.

Boss Battle Scripts
Boss Battle Scripts

C# scripts that implement functionality for the final boss battle.

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