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Torrent is a domination-style first-person shooter where players capture control points in cyberspace.

The world of Torrent is one of high stakes digital combat. Each player controls a virtual avatar, the digital representation of a hacker in cyberspace. Two teams of hackers fight over three critical data nodes, which are represented by control points that players must capture. However, neither team can retrieve the data while the other is in the way. The goal of each team is to drain the other’s bandwidth and ban them from the server. Only then can they obtain the coveted data that resides within each node.


Unreal Development Kit

Student Team Project

Apr 2013


Project Role

UI Designer

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Download Game
Download Game

Play Torrent. PC Only.

UI Flash Files
UI Flash Files

The Adobe Flash files I used to create the UI’s visuals and behavior.

About Me

Like Tron, I fight for the users. Games are my passion and my goal is for players to have the most fun playing them.

I’ve played games since I was a kid and I knew early on I wanted to make them my career. I've developed a wide variety of skills in order to make games, but my specialty is in user experience and user interface design. I translate the game design into something players understand, giving them the tools they need to have a fun experience. Feel free to reach out to me via LinkedIn.