Star Wars: Jedi Challenges

Star Wars: Jedi Challenges is an augmented reality game where players learn the ways of the Force.

Players can perfect their lightsaber skills by taking on menacing dark side villains. Conversely, the Dark Side Expansion allows players to be Kylo Ren and do battle with legendary Jedi adversaries. Additionally, Holochess, Strategic Combat, and Ship Battles provide tests of concentration and strategy. Finally, if two players both have Lenovo Mirage AR, they can face each other in a lightsaber duel or ship-to-ship combat.

Lenovo Mirage AR



Nov 2017


Project Role

UI/UX Designer

Game Setup
Game Setup

My main contribution during this project was the initial UI players see on their smartphone before beginning the game. Jedi Challenges was a unique product when it came out because augmented reality was something most people weren’t familiar with. This created an especially difficult UX challenge for me, as it was my job to teach players about the hardware. Clarity and brevity were of high importance.

UI Conceit

UI Conceit

I worked on a lot of early mockups, visual development, and prototyping for the three-dimensional UI found in the game. Specifically, I worked with the art team to form the game’s artistic pillars, which helped informed the UI. The pillars drew inspiration from the Holocron, a hologram-producing artifact that Jedi and Sith use to store vital knowledge.



I was responsible for prepping most of the text in the game for localization. It involved working with the engineering and localization teams to translate text into all supported languages and integrate it into the build. Having text change based on language preference posed an interesting layout challenge. I had to make sure the interface remained readable regardless of text length and appearance.

Learn More

Official Website
Official Website

Visit the Jedi Challenges website to learn more and download the game.

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