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Pokémon Text Adventure is a short game about encountering and battling wild Pokémon.

Like the start of any Pokémon game, the player is able to choose a starter Pokémon. They can choose between Bulbasaur, Charmander, or Squirtle. However, the Pokémon Professor won’t let the player venture out on their own until they’ve raised their level 5 starter to level 10. They must roam the grassy fields outside of town and battle wild Pokémon in order to strengthen their starter. Only then can they truly begin their Pokémon journey.


Visual Studio

Solo Project

May 2013


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Download Game
Download Game

Play Pokémon Text Adventure. PC Only.

Game Map
Game Map

Shows the game’s layout and where to find wild Pokémon.

Game Code
Game Code

All the game’s code, composed of three C# scripts.

About Me

Like Tron, I fight for the users. My goal is for them to get the most fun from an experience.

Games are my passion! I’ve played them since I was but a child with a smaller afro. I knew early on I wanted games to be my career so I developed a wide variety of skills in order to make them. My specialty is in user experience and user interfaces. I translate designs into human-speak so players can have the best time possible. Feel free to reach out to me via LinkedIn.