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Midgard Saga is a turn-based tactical role-playing game based on Norse Mythology.

In Midgard Saga, the player controls a group of four vikings on their quest to return Odin’s magical mead. They must travel from the mortal realm, Midgard, to the realm of the gods, Asgard. Along the way, these vikings encounter a variety of enemies and challenges. Before each encounter, the player can customize each viking’s skills by choosing from a pool of 25 unique abilities. This allows for replayability and for the player to carry out multiple strategies to victory.


Unreal Development Kit

Student Team Project

Dec 2013


Project Role

UI Designer

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Download Game
Download Game

Play Midgard Saga. PC Only.

UI Flash Files
UI Flash Files

The Adobe Flash files I used to create the UI’s visuals and behavior.

About Me

Like Tron, I fight for the users. My goal is for them to get the most fun from an experience.

Games are my passion! I’ve played them since I was but a child with a smaller afro. I knew early on I wanted games to be my career so I developed a wide variety of skills in order to make them. My specialty is in user experience and user interfaces. I translate designs into human-speak so players can have the best time possible. Feel free to reach out to me via LinkedIn.