Star Wars: Jedi Challenges

Marvel: Dimension of Heroes is an augmented reality game where players control Earth’s mightiest heroes.

Dormammu and other Marvel villains have joined forces to take over this reality. To stop their evil plan, Dr. Strange enlists the help of Thor, Captain America, Captain Marvel, Star-Lord, and Black Panther. Players must master the powers of all of these heroes in Story Mode to save the universe. However, there’s also Survival Mode to test players’ skills further and Co-Op, where two players fight together as a team.

Lenovo Mirage AR



Sep 2019


Project Role

UI/UX Designer


On this project, I was primarily responsible for Photobooth, a mode where players take photos of Marvel heroes and villains as if they were in the real world. I created the UI from start to finish; beginning with mockups and then building the UI in Unity. The main game was made by a separate studio, so I worked with their UI/UX team to make sure Photobooth’s look and behavior matched their style.

UI/UX Advisor

UI/UX Advisor

I had created the game setup process for Star Wars: Jedi Challenges, the previous game on the Lenovo Mirage AR platform. As a result, the studio developing Dimension of Heroes used that same process for their game. I worked with their team, providing both UX and UI feedback to not only help them avoid pitfalls I encountered on Jedi Challenges, but to improve the setup process beyond what I had done.



I was able to help the marketing team create assets for the Dimension of Heroes ad campaign. I captured gameplay footage that the team used for trailers, storefront images, social media GIFs, and other materials. It was a new experience for me not only working on the game, but also helping promote it. I learned more about the marketing process and familiarized myself with everything the game had to offer.

Learn More

Official Website
Official Website

Visit the Dimension of Heroes website to learn more and download the game.

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