Star Wars: Jedi Challenges

A 6-10 player Capture-The-Flag map for Unreal Tournament 3

Geothermal's setting is a geothermal power plant with the red base underground and the blue base above it. The plant draws a strange molten substance from the depths of the red base in order to transform it into electricity inside the blue base. Each base’s flag room is a huge circular arena with multiple entrances and exits. Geothermal has no atrium and instead players use pneumatic tubes to go directly from one base to the other.

Unreal Tournament 3

Unreal Engine 3

Solo Project

Dec 2013


Project Role

Level Designer

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Download Mod
Download Mod

Play the Geothermal mod. Must have Unreal Tournament 3 for PC/Steam.

Level Design Doc
Level Design Doc

Outlines Geothermal’s design and initial concept.

Level Map
Level Map

Shows Geothermal’s final layout and contents.

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