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Disney Mix was a social messaging app for kids and families that was unfortunately discontinued.

Users could chat, play games, and follow official accounts for the latest news and content from Disney’s various brands. Users could also create their own avatar and customize it with unique accessories. Mix was meant as a social media community for tweens in an era before such a place existed for them. With the alternative being platforms like Facebook and Snapchat that served more of a young adult audience.

iOS & Android (Discontinued)



Aug 2016


Project Role

UI/UX Designer

Creating Features
Creating Features

On Disney Mix, I worked under a Sr. UI/UX designer; helping to design and build the UI for many of the app’s features. Some examples included Avatar Customization, Sticker Sorting, and the app’s built-in meme generator, Meme Machine. I would create mockups of what the UI would look like, pitch the design to the project leads, iterate based on feedback, and then finally build out the feature after receiving approval.

Building in Engine

Building in Engine

This was the first professional project where I built UI myself in the engine and did not simply create the art for it. I pride myself on having this technical skill set, because I can shepherd the interface through production all the way from conception to polish. This means understanding of how things are actually made. As a result, I can work directly with engineers, like I did on Mix features such as Parental Controls.

Chat Content

Chat Content

Disney Mix was no ordinary messaging app. Its focus was to be a virtual playground of sorts. With this in mind, Mix had tons of content users could send to each other. I created art assets for this content, such as stickers, gags, and games. Fireworks was one game in particular that I helped develop from beginning to end. It allowed users to send a custom-made firework show to a friend.

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Add Friends Video
Add Friends Video

Explains how to add friends in Disney Mix.

About Me

Like Tron, I fight for the users. Games are my passion and my goal is for players to have the most fun playing them.

I’ve played games since I was a kid and I knew early on I wanted to make them my career. I've developed a wide variety of skills in order to make games, but my specialty is in user experience and user interface design. I translate the game design into something players understand, giving them the tools they need to have a fun experience. Feel free to reach out to me via LinkedIn.